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"Wait... What?" Video Game style

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"Wait... What?" Video Game style Empty "Wait... What?" Video Game style

Post by JET73L on Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:54 pm

You've stayed at the inn in a game, right? And you've played games with day/night systems? Well, I know I've spent over 370 days in Dragon Quest VIII, and I've stayed at the inns in FFVII at least a thousand times. Yet nobody ever has a birthday. Characters need birthday parties, too! Or at least a mention of it. They could even make it punishment for wasting your time: If you reach 50, your character becomes old, and gets a stat decrease (but if you reach 80, they become Elders and get a stat increase). Although it would kind of make things wierd (like if you spent 10, 000 in-game days training and resting before you meet Aerith and Yuffie in FFVII: You'd be over 50, and trying to date a 19 or 16 year old girl.)

So, just post anything that's always bugged you about video games here. If you have an example from another form of media, just go ahead and talk about it wherever you think it would fit best.
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