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Collections! Empty Collections!

Post by JET73L on Fri Mar 21, 2008 3:13 am

What do you collect? List collections that you keep, or at least try to find. For, like, video games, that's kind of a give, so it is suggested that you only list specific games series or types of memorabilia (for example, I collect legend of zelda games because I have three different versions of the original, and two versions each of Ocarina of Time and Majoras mask, as well as several other games and comics. and I wish I had the special edition gold GBA SP, originally sold only in the UK as far as I can find out)

Stuffed lions:
-medium-large semi-cartoonish green lion (given by aunt)
-several small teddy-bear style lions with individualized t-shirts, one of which has a CFI cap (trucking company my dad used to work for)
-a special edition Metro-Goldwyn Meyer lion, medium-small, realistic
-anthropomorphic pink-panther shaped cartoony lion
-large soft-stuffed lion with velvet-ish fur, extra-thick mane, holding a giant heart (surplus valentine item, boguth cheap from Wal-mart around one february 20th)
-lion clock (not stuffed, made of metal, but still pretty cool)
-Fat stuffed cartoony lion about a foot in diameter that serves as a stuffed novelty "piggy bank" (roars)
-anthropomorphic build-a-bear style tiger tabby cat that has a lion's vocal chip
-at least three different neon lions of varying shapes and colour schemes
-several lions withcrowns, one with a royal robe also. mostly small, one medium
mom has Beau (very large realistic lion with dark brown mane) and Arrow (medium-large realistic lion with orange mane) (note play on words)
I also probably have more that I can;t remember off the top of my head,but I could identify them all on sight.

Coins and medallions
-lots of canadian money
-several american state quarters and a special edition folder with spaces stamped out to hold the quarters
-two lincoln wheat-eared pennies
-a penny from, like, sometime in the late 1800s I think it was
-several different limited-release anniverasary coins, mainly quarters and nickels
-a silver dime
-a boating tournament medallion
-two military service medallions, given by friends specifically for collection
-a really cool silvery cheap plastic coin that is undoubtedly mass-produced, but that I have never seen another of
-tokens from pretty much every casino in Kansas City, and several from Las Vegas and generic token-manufacturing companies

Legend of Zelda stuff
-Wind Waker pre-release collector's disc, with LoZ, Zelda 2: Adventure of Link, Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, one or two compilation videos, and a Wind Waker demo
-Wind Waker (game, game cube)
-Ocarina of Time (N64 gold cartridge, it was that or pay money I didn;t have for an original release grey that was worth three times as much)
-Majora's Mask (N64 gold cartridge)
-Oracle games (GBC)
-Four Swords GBA release with bonus game (can;t remember what it was)
-wooden master sword
-OOT master sword scabbard that I made from duct tape (solidified from multiple layers) and paint
-handmade OOT adult link costume (except for ears,m which were bought, and pants, which I don;t have)
-preorder Twilight Princess poster/map
-link/wolf twilight princess poster (which I wish I could remember where it was. sort of a mini-poster.)
-LoZ: Twilight Princess (Gamecube version)
-translation of original japanese Majora's Mask comic which I am trying to compile into a physical comic book
-probably a bunch of other, completely worthless, LoZ-themed stuff

Edit: Also the cardboard tabs from different brands and flavours of tea. Which is why it really annoys me when they have those tea bags that are just there, and you have to stir them in with a spoon, because they don;t have the tabs. Helps me with remembering flavours I like, and those I want to stay away from, aside from my favourite (Twining's Irish Breakffast tea) and those that make me il (mainly chamomile). My overly inquisitive pet cat (the one who unplugs the keyboard) got into them, so I don;t have a list of which I have at the moment. PS: Yes, i'm a pack rat.

Please, post about your own collections!
God's Mistake

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Collections! Empty Re: Collections!

Post by Miss Valentine on Fri Mar 21, 2008 2:47 pm

I collect-

Gemstones- couldn't name all of them because there's so many, and many of them I can't even identify!! But I've got some smooth tumblers such as turquoise, sodalite, fluorite, all different kinds of quartzes and some jade too, to name a small amount. I have some more raw, craggy forms of rose quartz, peacock ore and agate, an amethyst shaped with a point and some pebbles from the beach there too.

My new-age collection-
Smudge sticks
Tibetan hand cymbals
Tons of different incenses
Luo Pan compass (Chinese)
Various books on Wicca
Coloured candles for wishing spells
Special cloth for putting on table

Chinese loose leaf green tea
Japanese loose leaf green tea
Jasmine loose tea
Some fruit concoctions, loose
Oolong loose tea (it's horrid)
Various herbals in teabags including chamomile and apple, lemon and ginger and blackberry and nettle.

Foreign currency- RMB Chinese notes and coins, a couple of Euros, pretty poor collection really :S

Oriental Art-
My calendar made up of Japanese scroll art with accompanying haikus for each month
A Chinese fabric painting of cherry blossom at the top of the stairs
A Chinese fabric painting of a Scholar and some bamboo, not put up yet
A Chinese scroll painting of orange fish, in my hallway opposite the front door
Two cushions in my living room I made using Chinese silk
A set of ornate Mah-jongg cards with paintings on them, used also for oracle reading
Book on TCMedicine
Various other photos, souvenirs, fabrics and pictures that I might do something with

Essential Oils- clove, lemongrass, clary-sage, eucalyptus, citronella, sandalwood, grapefruit, sweet orange, peppermint, neroli, chamomile, cinnamon, bergamot, basil, ylang ylang, black pepper, marjoram, rosemary, vanilla
Lots of sweet almond oil for mixing
Measuring devices and bottles
Tons of books, which I keep with my wiccan ones

Basil, sage and chives herbs
Big cress tray
Coffee plant (no beans yet, but hopefully soon ^^)
Monster money plant which has taken over my back window
Christmas cactus
Seeds of apples, plum and marigolds waiting to germinate

Did y'all fall asleep yet? ^^
Miss Valentine
Miss Valentine

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Collections! Empty Re: Collections!

Post by Firesnakious on Sat Mar 22, 2008 2:25 am

I collect ..........

ok I collect nothing >.<

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Collections! Empty Re: Collections!

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