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Wage War-In Peace!

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Wage War-In Peace! Empty Wage War-In Peace!

Post by Terminus Est on Wed Aug 15, 2007 1:22 pm

For those of you who may be more ''into'' the gaming scene or hobby then others, I am feeling the need to elaborate upon the matter as a whole...and it is quite simple, really.

This is not a gaming community, so therefore, you will not find the general décortication of gaming genres such as role playing, survival horror or puzzles...everything is welcome within, however, and I wish for everyone to know this.

And every medium for gaming is accepted as well, from consoles to PC gaming, as well as encompassing ALL of gaming's history. This means, and is certainly not limited to, that yes, you can discuss older video game mediums, like Atari and all those other relics which had a faux wood finish on the sides. Smile Local arcades, success and failures, specific, general or abstract games and genres...all comes within.

This is a bit ahead of myself, however, should this part of the forums grow in popularity, I may consider indeed to make it evolve...but for now, use this place for ALL of your gaming desires of discussion. There are no restrictions when it comes to discussion about video games, game related subjects or anecdotes, technicalities of the matter, rants and raves, exploitations, achievements...everything goes.

Have I stressed myself enough yet?

The only thing I will ask, and sometimes, for the ''more'' gamers of you, it becomes almost near inevitable... if you wish to start a discussion or debate in the nature of such things as ''Microsoft VS Sony'', then please do so, but keep it clean, legitimate and mature.

Last but not least, this I promise...for those of you who know nothing about video games, this is not a role play section.

But one and all, you are welcome within. Smile

Thank you, and have fun.

Wage War-In Peace! Asig
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