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Well, this is miserable

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Well, this is miserable Empty Well, this is miserable

Post by JET73L on Thu Jun 12, 2008 4:50 am

This is just venting, I don;t expect or want anyt replies (unless you've seen the same christmas spoecial and liked/hated it). I just finished the ALF season 2 DVD set, and it was the most depressing christmas special ever. Two deaths (or rather, one death plus an expected and then implied death that later turned out to be at least a day later than expected), an attempted suicide, one birth (that occured in an elevator and messed with what was expected to be an implied reincarnation due to the second of the previous deaths), and more nervous laughter than I havge ever heard from a live studio audience (dark humour: better than it could have been, at least they used a live studio audience). Anyway, this is the most miserable, depressive christmas special I have ever seen (miserable by mood, not by effort put onto production), and I just wanted to vent about it here. It should be fine after another 2 or 3 quarts... er, 5-cup volume containers of tea. Just wich they'd have been courteous enough to put the christmas special in the middle of the season, instead of at the end, where the only remaining comedic video is a stupid cartoon of ALF retelling the story of Robin Hood, as seen on the planet Melmac.
Well, thanks for listening to my rant (or not listening, it doesn;t matter to me either way). But if you did read through this, please, start posting around here again. Even if it;s just forum games.
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Well, this is miserable Empty Re: Well, this is miserable

Post by zotar on Mon Oct 27, 2008 1:16 pm

*POPs into existance*

*banishes depressing episode from existance*

*PoPs out of existance*

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