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Post by Miss Valentine on Fri Dec 21, 2007 11:20 am

This is my first year celebrating the festival of Yule, and I've done it in a pretty unorthadox way, but I thught I'd wish everyone a happy Yule and talk a little bit about the holiday.

It's actually a traditional pagan festival. It was originally to celebrate the birth of the Sun God and bless him in order that the light would return and days would be longer. They believed (and some still believe) that the last Sun God died before, leading to the gradual shortening of the days and the lack of light. The new Sun God has to survive through the remaining months of Winter and emerge in spring as an adolescent, in order to join with the Moon Goddess.

Now I'm not really a deity worshipping kind of person, but the symbolism of light and dark is what appealed to me about Yule. It's the shortest day, yet it can be made very celebratory as we know that the days cannot get any shorter and longer days have to follow (yay bring on Spring!)

So I decided that since I was home on my own with Jonny this morning I would do something nice to commemorate Yule. Hehehe for the first time so far I actually put some Christmas music on!! Me and Jonny cleaned the house up a little, I unboxed some of my magic stuff that I'd put away during the worst building work, and we made a candle wish with my last candle (an orange one, I would have preferred a white one but orange is a party colour anyway^^). Plus I let Jonny open some of his presents, which were aptly selection boxes (he hasn't seen any other presents yet) which is kinda symbolic of all the feasting that used to take place on Yuletide. I haven't let him eat any of the stuff from them yet though!

Anyways, a Merry Yule to everyone. Bring on Christmas!!! Mr Green
Miss Valentine
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