Pertaining To The Different Sections.

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Pertaining To The Different Sections. Empty Pertaining To The Different Sections.

Post by Terminus Est on Sun Aug 05, 2007 12:40 am

Greetings all.

Please allow me these few minutes to justify the eh...layout of these forums.

I am using a free forum generating establishment, and so therefore, I am limited to customizing colours, uploading pictures and general basic forum fanfare.

But this suits me quite well, for I have never created, or managed a forum before. Aside from some moderating positions, all these functions are quite new to me.

After a week or so, I have found most of it to be rather simple, however there remains some minor quirks and such which I have not yet quite grasped ahold of.

I ask that you please bare with me while I get everything under control. For the most part, I believe everything to be operational, however.

Now, about the names for each to speak, I have pretty much went insane, and have had fun creating all sorts of sections, which I sincerely hope will be of use.
For anyone whom might be familiar, most of the category names are references to either the Castlevania and Final Fantasy video game series. I hope that it is not too confusing?
I thought it was a fun and interesting method of customization, even for those who know nothing about video games.

Please, however, should you find it to be too confusing or inconvenient, I would indeed appreciate and welcome all feedback on that particular matter.

As well, I am still working on locating some appropriate sprites, gifs and pictures for the forum's icons.
I know that I could leave within the default ones, but I have made it a special point to customize these boards as much as I can, and honestly, I am very satisfied with the results, despite some minor aspects and elements which do not quite ''match''.
I am attempting to portray a little bit of my own personal style for the forum's decors, as pompous as this may sound. Smile

So please bare with me, everything will find its place shortly. Smile

And, here are a few things which I have in mind for the future.

Eventually, I would like to include a locked forum for more explicit matter and discussion, such as sexuality, and more profound and personal matters, which might be a little difficult for some people to let out. One example would be a section for suicidal discussions and, perhaps, some help.
(Should I find resources for assistance however, such as links, these will be open to everyone, of course.)
In the meanwhile if there is anybody who wishes to speak of such things, and if you are comfortable doing so, you may do so in The Crossroads.
So, a locked forum for more explicit matter, and another one for more personal statements and such, if people wish for it, of course.

This is an example of eventual addition to Sorrow's Elegance. However, I've not yet managed to figure out how to create a locked forum without having to include the users within a specified group, which I suppose is indeed an option, but I would like to try and find a simpler solution, at first.

As well, I am trying to give the users the option to choose a custom user title. I am in a bind for this one right now, however.

So yes, aside from this locked forum project which agitates itself in my ideas, final administrative quirks and customizing issues are on the verge of being resolved.

I think.

Very Happy

So please, I ask once again; let me know if my categories are too many, or if my names depicting them are too confusing.

And I remind you all again; this is my first time creating a forum, so therefore, any suggestions or assistance which you may spare for me would be greatly appreciated.

This is my home, however I wish for everyone to feel at ease and comfortable within. Smile

I thank you for your time.

Pertaining To The Different Sections. Asig
Terminus Est
Terminus Est
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Pertaining To The Different Sections. Empty Re: Pertaining To The Different Sections.

Post by Mr. Midgar on Wed May 21, 2008 8:45 pm

I have a suggestion... is there any way to edit this forum so that there are not so many sections. A lot of them aren't even being used anyways. I was thinking that this would be a much better forum if it was streamlined a bit. Like I said, just a suggestion, is all. Smile
Mr. Midgar
Mr. Midgar

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Pertaining To The Different Sections. Empty Re: Pertaining To The Different Sections.

Post by Miss Valentine on Thu May 22, 2008 12:37 pm

I do understand your point Mr Midgar, I'll bring it up with Termie since this place is her baby, wouldn't want to do anything big without her permission ^^
Miss Valentine
Miss Valentine

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Pertaining To The Different Sections. Empty Re: Pertaining To The Different Sections.

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