A Somewhat Important Announcement.

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A Somewhat Important Announcement. Empty A Somewhat Important Announcement.

Post by Terminus Est on Fri Nov 09, 2007 12:54 pm

As of late, I have not been going through the best times ever. I've no wish to speak of it, or have anyone talk about it.

Although this forum is free and requires next to no technical maintenance, I find that I cannot keep being at the head, as I am no longer motivated to do as such. I wanted to try it, but right not now, it no longer works.

I do not wish to eradicate it however, and would gladly give the reins to anyone who wants to run it. You do not have to pay anything, and you will be able to change anything on it as you will, weather it is the colours, sections and what have you. I do hope that somebody will want it.

If you do, and are willing to run it, send me a PM. I will then proceed to change your status to administrator, then you can change the password to what you will so that I no longer have access to the intricacies, and as well, to demote me from this position.

I hope this does not cause any inconvenience, and I bid you all a fine day.

A Somewhat Important Announcement. Asig
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