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Post by Terminus Est on Sat Aug 04, 2007 5:20 pm

Greetings, and welcome, one and all, to Sorrow's Elegance.

Please take a few minutes to review these few basic rules. As long winded as this may seem, I believe them to be simple, and reflective of common sense.

Flaming and Harassment

I do believe that these speak for themselves. In no way, form or matter is there to be any harassment and flaming upon these boards. I am more then serious with this; I wish for every single user who comes within to feel comfortable and at ease on their stay here.

This is a place in which to have fun, and not a place for bickering and dispute.
Do not flame anyone for any reason whatsoever. You may, of course, disagree with someone, and argue their point, and if so, use proper and constructive methods. Show proof of maturity.

There will be no place here for individuals who seek merely to belittle and harass other users.
If you must absolutely meet in confrontation, do so in private messaging.

In that same respect, if you feel that you are being attacked through private messaging by someone, I implore you to please notify me, and I shall rectify the issue.

This also includes, under more elaboration, the matters of trolling, insulting one's opinions or views, as well as their person.

This is a place of peace and common ground, let us please to keep it this way.

Maturity, Spamming and the Like.

Sorrow's Elegance is a place of maturity, and while humour and light talk are most certainly welcome, please keep in mind that many topics of discussion here have no room for mindless spamming, trolling (Which also falls under the category of flaming.) or low brow comments or one line posts.
I have added a section called the ''Whisperwind Cove'' for such behaviour, (Spam, nonsensical things such as so.) if you wish it.

Spelling and Grammar

No, I am not a Spelling Nazi, and I myself meet many difficulties in the English language.

While I will always encourage the proper construction of sentences and an effort for proper spelling, there will be no retort upon this matter from me.

What I do not want to see are walls of text riddled with leet speak or presenting an evident lack of effort in respects to spelling, grammar or punctuation.


If you've something to advertise, please run it by me through e-mail ( or via private messaging.

Explicit Content

Please, do not post photos or links pertaining to such which present for content subjects of nudity and pornography, or real life pictures of gore, or dead people. These will be deleted immediately, and the person who has posted them will be dealt with.

Eventually, when I figure out how to do so, I will be adding a private category for more explicit content, but until then, please, keep this in mind.


It is my wish that all feel at ease within my home. Please be respectful of one another.

I do not want to see such things as ''subliminal'' or subtle insulting of a user; I find this almost more insulting then direct flaming.
I insist upon respect and civilized manners, for whatever it is you wish to state, present or argue.


I believe that cussing is a healthy method of expression; however, please do not overdo it. It is evident when someone does so. Please avoid over excessive swearing.

When one uses it once in a while, it has a lot more effect then when a cuss word is found three times a sentence.

Staying On Topic

I will not whip anyone back in line should they go off topic in a thread; I believe it to be merely an evolution of discussion. A broadening of horizons, so to speak.

However, if there is a discussion going on about politics for example, please do not jump in with a post describing your favourite film.


These are all simple, common forum rules. All sorts of discussion is welcome here, and we can have many, if not endless, things on which to converse should these rules be kept in mind.
As well, please keep the ToS (Terms of Service) rules for Forum Motion in mind.

Should these rules be broken, ignored or breached, I reserve the right to do as I see fit in order to rectify the situation.

I know it seems to be a lot indeed, but I assure you that they are all easy to follow, and I hope we can all have a grand time here together.

With all sincerity, I thank you for your time, and appreciate your consideration.

I welcome you all, and hope that you will enjoy yourself here.

Rules Of the Forum. Asig
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